A great way to disappoint someone is to make promises and not meet those expectations.

My 30+ years of expertise are specifically on Apple Devices.

I cater to Small Business and Home Computer users and that is *precisely* what I do!— “The Mac Guy”

You’ve heard the saying, “Jack of all trades but master of none?”

Beware those computer shops who tout Windows Services, Security Systems, etc, as well because usually they’re actually PC people and just work on Apple equipment (when they have to) but don’t actually specialize in all things Apple!

I live, eat and breathe Apple equipment!

If you own or work for a business and are looking for server installation and support then quite frankly, I’m not the consultant you’re looking for. But I can help by directing you to another consultant or company who does specialize in what you need.

The smaller the company, the lower the hourly rate. It pays to find the right match in terms of price and customer focus.

*I* will help when the Apple Store can’t be bothered.

Once Upon a Time, the Apple Stores used to help people. They truly did. That was their purpose. But over the course of time, things changed. They now focus on selling products instead of truly taking the time to help people. Apple limits your time with the “Geniuses” and the people in front of the counters don’t know anything about your equipment except to sell you a replacement. *I* can and will help you!